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The Requiem Rides Again!

Due to Smoak's overwhelming school schedule, Pyre's crazy work schedule, and so few people on the server, we've elected to close The Requiem at this time. This site will be available until 4/13/09.

As time permits, we'll be playing Alliance on the Kargath server of WoW as a part of the All Good Things guild. Smoak can be found as Smoak or Shadoe, and Pyre as Proven or Pyrelight.

Thanks so much to everyone in our guild. We're sorry it didn't go better!!


Welcome to the home of The Requiem! We are an Order guild on the Ironfist server of Warhammer Online.

***PLEASE NOTE! - Due to the character transfer operation to move players from low populations to medium population servers, The Requiem now calls Ironfist their home. Please disregard any previous mention of our home server.

We are a group of (mostly) adults on Eastern Time that foster a family atmosphere first and foremost. After that, everything tends to come easy. We do raids and sieges and all the other stuff a big guild does, but it is usually done without politics, drama, or any of the other stuff that makes uber guilds so little fun.

We do not require attendance or use DKP/Suicide Kings/etc. We do understand that life happens, and sometimes the kids/dogs/school/what have you have to come first.

What we look for in guildmates:

1. Maturity - you don't necessarily need to be a certain age as long as you act like an adult.
2. Sense of humor - this is for FUN!
3. Like-mindedness - if you can't deal with the healer having to tend to the kid for a minute, we're not the right place for you.

What we offer our guildmates:

1. FUN!
2. Friendship
3. A group of like-minded people to experience the WAR with.
4. A handy guild website with calendar and our own 50-man Vent server.

We are currently actively recruiting all classes at all levels. We are really having a great time on Ironfist, and look forward to finding new kindred spirits to help fill out our ranks. Married couples and "package deals" are not only welcome but desired!

Sound like your kind of place? Submit an application!
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by Pyrelight on Oct 08, 2008 at 10:29 PM
After chatting with several members we have decided to open up our recruiting efforts to a few well known websites.It is not our intention to become a "zerg" or "goon" guild, but we all agree that we must expand if we are to really explore and enjoy all that WAR has to offer.

The requirements to join have not and will not be changed and we will maintain our friendly and mature standards.So with all that said, please prepare to welcome aboard those players looking for a new home and family.